How to make a Statement with Your Baby’s Accessories

There are several ways you can make your baby or toddler stand out with beautiful pieces of accessories that elevate any outfit. Below are some ways you can do that

Use Headbands and Bows

Headbands, flower crowns or Big Bows for Babies are a great way to spruce up an outfit. Big Bows for Babies are a very cool and fashion-forward way to style a girl child. They are convenient for newborns because with them you can easily style a newborn baby girl with no hair. Big Bows are available in different colors and different style materials. When the child grows into a toddler and starts growing out her hair the big bows can still be used as they are a timeless piece.

Play with Color or Pick a Stand out Color

This is another fun way to make a fashion statement. When it comes to color, it’s more fun when you think outside the box. Sticking to century-old color rules can get very boring and limiting. Take the unconventional route and go crazy with colors. Childhood is about playfulness, lightheartedness, and laughter and this should show in your kid’s style also.When shopping for your baby or toddler, don’t stick to conventional colors. Do not limit your options.You can go for gender neutral colors not only make your baby stand out they are also easy to repurpose. You can also pick a standout color to be the center of attention in an outfit.There are so many beautiful colors that look great on kids. Mix and match and pair colors you would normally not think to pair and you will be greatly rewarded. Pair a pink trouser with a blue t-shirt or pink pants with a red sneaker. Mixing and matching will not only make your kids look very fashionable, it can also increase their confidence. Mixing and matching prints can seem risky if you’re basing choices solely on instinct or the sheer luck that the outfit will work. You don’t want to make our kid look like no thought was put into their outfit. There is a certain science, however, that is easy for anyone to follow. When experimenting with multiple motifs, follow the law of accent colors. Take this bold floral skirt for instance. Notice that beautiful blue popping out at you? Run with it. A patterned blue shirt will complement, not clash with, this striking skirt of many colors. Even though these prints are opposites, they work because they have coloration in common. You don’t want to half-commit to this look. Go big or go home with bold accessories. Pick another color from either your bottom or top to guide your accessories tone.

Pants or Tights

Pants and tights are a great way to make an outfit ensemble stand out and are also a great way to introduce prints like floral, stripes or polka dots into an outfit.  Pants like cigarette pants or tights for toddlers come in a variety of flowery prints and denim also comes embroidered. Tights are a wardrobe staple. If when you see tights you immediately think of the conventional black or transparent tights then you are about to be shocked. There is a whole new world of tights that have taken over. In children’s clothing, the options are wide spreading with lots of variety. Tights have the ability to elevate an outfit without much effort. Babies need to wear tights most of the time anyway but now they get to show some spunk and style with it. Tights are available in animal prints, flower prints, embroidery, bedazzled, lace, 3D designs, and many many colors.

Mix and Match Prints

Speaking of thinking outside the box, you don’t have to stick with one print per outfit. As mentioned earlier, you can mix polka dots with stripes and mix the same print in different sizes, colors or style. For example, blue and red polka dots, vertical stripes with horizontal stripes (but in the same colors)  and red stripes with blue stripes (but in the same size).Prints are beautiful, give character and have the ability to make an outfit pop and garner attention effortlessly. Mixing and matching are not limited to only contrary patterns. You can actually mix with the same print; just in varying sizes. For example, a black and white small striped top looks surprisingly stunning with a thick-striped mini skirt. The pairing offers a fun illusion of fluctuating volumes, as the stripes gradually get bigger. Animal prints always look fun on kids and even more so when it comes to mixing and matching. After all, leopard serves as a neutral most of the time. With this black-and-white striped ensemble, a leopard print shoe is a cherry on top. And if you’re really craving a pop of color add a red purse, fanny pack or backpack. Prints and florals can also be dressed up or dressed down with a blazer or a denim jacket respectively.

Keep these tips when next you’re shopping for baby clothes or accessories. Don’t be afraid to let you and your child’s personality shine through in your outfit choices. Involve your child in the process and ask for their input if they are old enough. Most of all, don’t forget to have fun in the process.